Summer is nearly over…

Yep its nearly gone! And I have had a very lazy one gearing up for my final year here in Glasgow. So much for all those fantastic plans eh! 

Considering this I thought it was about time to get back into old routines/once again attempt to make certain things routine (like posting here). 

So my mid August contribution is the photos bellow of the finally finished corridor that Vicky Kerr and I were working on though may and June. Considering all the mis-haps along the way I am pretty pleased with the results. Certainly a learning curve and something I would like to try again. Got to love a crisp corner anyway!

Hopefully I will be keeping this a little more up to date than previously… Hopefully being the key word! 

The corridor is done… Well was a while ago.

Some work!

Well sketches at least.

Just a few bits from the last project I was working on. Going back to it to finish it off a bit more now. 

I was researching Alexander Wilson and his connections to the Scotch Roman classification (for want of a better term). From that this, well these sketches were born. The clean version is supposed to be an overly digital reincarnation of Wilson’s famous Double Pica Roman, with the following versions being various stages of digital degradation due to screen rendering and digital redrawing. 

Its all far from finished but there is something nice about the type. Good thing summer is coming so I can give it the time it deserves and do it justice… or so I hope.

Hopefully there will be an interesting website coming soon showing all of my findings from the project. I have been working on that with Ben and Will here in the studio so hopefully it will turn out rather nicely!

Could really do with a few of these…
Thanks to Swiss Miss.

Could really do with a few of these…

Thanks to Swiss Miss.

It’s been a while…

…but I have lots of lovely work to show you soon. For now, enjoy the little video below. Very nice little teaser.

I know nothing about nothing…

Here are a few bits I made in the letter press… They stem from a one day brief which was to learn as much as we could about something we knew nothing about and present our findings in as short a time as possible. Naturally I chose “nothing”. 

These two cards will end up as part of a set of six (if I have time), which show six of the main arguments for and against the existence of nothing. I have paraphrased the ideas into as small a space as possible, which may mean they are not wholly correct to an expert. But if not they are pretty close. 

Kastle’s stuff just gets better and better…